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How it can change your life!



You can feel great adopting a dog from Healing Species because you are saving two lives --the one you take home, and the next one in line that we can rescue in his or her place!   

You are also giving life to a dog everyone else forgot, no one else wanted, or many times- never even saw. We specialize in dogs of "last resort." Unfortunately, like any "no kill" operation, that means we can get filled to overflowing. That's where you come in, making more room available when you take your next family member home! Contact us to ask about any of our pups!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I adopt a dog from Healing Species?

1. CLICK HERE to fill out an adoption application.

2. Call Healing Species at (803) 535-6543 and you can speak to staff about adding one of our lovable pups to your family

What are the adoption requirements?

We do our utmost to help place the perfect dog with the perfect family! To help accomplish this we require that each adopter meets the following requirements:

  • Age 21 or older
  • Dog must live primarily as a family member inside of the house, with adequate access to outside
  • Ability to pay $150 adoption fee
  • Veterinary references

Please note that we ask all adopters to have a completed adoption application on file. Healing Species reserves the right to deny any adoption that we feel is not in the best interest of the pet or adoptive family.

Will my dog come fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered?

Your dog will come up to date on vaccinations, medications, and dogs over the age of six months will come spayed or neutered. Since puppies grow up most healthy when surgery is done after 6 months, adopters will be responsible for spay/neuter surgery.

What kinds of dogs does Healing Species help?

Healing Species specializes in rescuing dogs who are abused and/or neglected--dogs for whom nobody is taking care.We focus on an area of such high need- dogs considered too sick, or too old, or too neglected, for many other shelters to even consider housing. We rehabilitate them, love them, and then find them great homes. 



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Rescue-Adoption Right

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Nallah's Story

Nallah and his twin partner had been dumped on a 4-lane highway in front of Wal Mart- yet no one "saw" them for months. The partner got hit by a car and killed and Nallah would not leave his side. Nallah was wild and ferral and could not be caught. For weeks, Cheri left food for Nallah, but Nallah was elusive and fast and would only come to eat when everyone was gone. Finally, with divine intervention, Cheri caught Nallah. He could hardly move for being one large matt of fur.


Here is Nallah today, adopted to his forever home. The name Nallah comes from the orphan boy in the movie Australia.

Each dog who "crosses our path" is in a position of "last resort". They come from extreme situations of abuse and neglect. Nallah is just one of the dogs whose life has been literally turned around.