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  Replication Training September, 2015!

Please contact us about your interest in future training dates!  

Healing Species desires that every child could receive the Violence Prevention through Compassion Education™ Program. In order to help grow the reach of Healing Species, we train others who connect with our mission and work to implement the Violence Prevention Program, Parent Classes, and Train-the-Trainer workshops.  Become part of our team!  Applicants are interviewed and selected for the two-day trainings, typically held twice per year in Orangeburg, SC  where they observe Healing Species classes in action, meet our founder, and learn the proven philosophies and practices to implement the program with success and fidelity.  

Franchises and licensing for the Healing Species Violence Prevention model program are available to those professionals who:

  • Connect with the Healing Species' mission and philosophies
  • Complete the two-day training (fees involved)
  • Purchase the package of copyrighted materials with accompanying satellite customer support

If you are interested in bringing Healing Species to your school/area, please contact us for more information!

See our current Satellite Chapters!

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Replacation Training - Right


"We're so excited about bringing Healing Species to our community!"

Replication Training Applicant

"As a counselor, I have not found a program that combines those key elements that empower clients to understand themselves...their world...the impact they can have.  Healing Species pulls all of this together and then delivers it to the classroom.  I cannot imagine a better way to change the world!"

Melinda Fuller, MS, LPC, Assistant Director, Pee Dee Satellite

"After my first semester, I have already seen a tremendous impact.  Kids who were unable to stay in the classroom the first week due to behavior were the most contributing students by the end of the session.  I have always known how loving dogs and being loved by dogs has impacted my life, and now I get to bring that gift to others."

Kelley Luckett, Director of Midwest-Missouri Chapter