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Healing Species is a no-kill shelter, and as a result, we stay at full capacity. Resources are limited, so we encourage individuals to help those who "cross your path."

I found a dog that needs rescued, what can I do?

  1. Try talking with caregivers or "family" of the pet about giving better care; i.e., treating her gently, providing food and water, providing shelter and warmth, and fencing the backyard instead of a chain.

  2. Then, if you are able, take the dog and puppies to your local vet for immediate care to determine if they are healthy or have injuries. Once you have taken care of their immediate needs then you can begin the process of finding them a loving home.

  3. Take pictures of the dogs and make a flier with the information about the dog. Post these at loval vets or where the types of "potential parents" you would approve would come and go. Use social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertise the availablity of the animal.

  4. Screen the calls and ask questions! Be certain "for what purposes" someone wants your animals. Do not advertise as "Free to a good home." Typically, if someone is unwilling or unable to provide at least a nominal token of value for an animal, they are not fit to support or provide adequate care for that animal, despite good intentions.