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What's our mission?

Teaching compassion, preventing violence, and
changing lives through rescued dogs.


Our vision: We see a world of compassion where every living creature is valued and protected, especially the most voiceless, children and animals.




  • monkeybirdWe believe that every living creature has value.
  • We believe vulnerable sentient creatures deserve protection.
  • We believe compassion and hard work are catalysts for success and overcoming obstacles.

Violence Intervention

  • We believe all children must be safe and loved.
  • We believe the cycle of violence can be intercepted.
  • We believe children and adults can be taught how to "rise above" "hate-for-hate", violence, and poverty.


  • We believe it is possible to heal life's hurts with the right tools, knowledge, and insight.
  • We believe God heals hearts and souls. We are ambassadors who deliver a message of hope, love, peace, and a higher calling for our lives.


  • We believe real power is gained through leading with acts of kindness and responsible choices-not bullying. 
  • We believe children can be empowered to change things for themselves and others.


  • We believe all life deserves to be treated with respect and helped within our means.
  • We believe the highest level of achievement is helping others.


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Mission - RIGHT


"The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke